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The 24th edition of La Mostra has been canceled.


Until next year 2022

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The "Mostra d’Audiovisuals i Fotografia de Muntanya" of Sant Marti is an initiative that emerged between the city of Barcelona - Sant Martí district - and Agrupació Excursionista Icària, La Colla Excursionista La Senyera, el Foment Martinenc, La Unió Excursionista Sant Martí de Provençals and El Canyoning Club.

Since 1997, when we began this project, we could just imagine the degree of acceptance and the development of an informative event such as the mountain and its surroundings. Evolution has been important and the result you can see in the next edition to begin 2011.

This is an exhibition-competition both photography (black and white and color) and audiovisual projections (slides and video) professional and amateur, in two categories, where people who love the world of mountain and camera have the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills. Furthermore, the fact that it is an exhibition also meets the other main purpose is the dissemination, knowledge, boosting camper world, their environment, respect for the mountain by all and a forum for discussion of interesting topics.

"La Mostra" increases year to year, and as a result of this growth, we want to be closer to you for you to take over with us and to enjoy it more than ever! So:
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